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It seems that in recent years, it is becoming increasingly difficult for a business to get paid promptly, or at all, for goods and services they have provided. In order for a business to grow, it is important that a business receives payment for all accounts issued.

Saal & Associates Lawyers can assist clients to recover monies due and payable to them and implement strategies to minimise the number of instances when payment of accounts can not be recovered from a client or customer.

Saal & Associates Lawyers strives to provide the most practical, straight forward and cost effective legal advice in relation to every matter/scenario that may arise for you.

Saal & Associates Lawyers can advise and assist clients to:

  • implement due diligence procedures in relation to the credit worthiness of a new client or customer;
  • obtain the appropriate security, charge or guarantee from a company or individual to secure payment of goods and services provided;
  • issue demands for payment to your customer or client regarding your accounts, for example, letter of demand, Statutory Demand etc;
  • act on any security, charge or guarantee provided to you;
  • commence Court or Tribunal proceedings for recovery of monies due and payable to you;
  • enforce any Judgment or Decision made in your favour, for example, Enforcement Warrants for seizure and sale of property, Enforcement Hearings, Statutory Demands, Bankruptcy Notices;
  • obtain a mareva injunction/ freezing order over the assets of a debtor.

Saal & Associates Lawyers has experience in acting for:

  • Debt collection agencies;
  • Individuals;
  • Company’s,
  • Trustees liquidators in recovering monies due and payable to a person or company.

Saal & Associates Lawyers can assist in the registration of interstate or foreign debts and the enforcement of them within Queensland or another state jurisdiction in Australia.

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