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Brisbane Solicitors

Saal & Associates Lawyers have an extensive knowledge of conveyancing in Queensland.

With our solicitors and conveyancing clerks, we are very aware that our client’s do not buy and sell properties on a daily basis, so we pride ourselves in giving client’s the understanding that they require to make their purchase or sale easy.

Saal & Associates Lawyers can assist you in the following areas:

Sale of your property:

  1. A solicitor will prepare your contracts for sale;
  2. A solicitor will review your Contract;
  3. A solicitor in conjunction with a conveyancing clerk will do all things necessary to ensure that the property settles on the settlement day in the Contract.

Purchase of your property:

  1. A solicitor will review your Contract prior to signing;
  2. If necessary, a solicitors will give advice as to certain clauses which should be inserted into the Special Conditions on the Contract;
  3. Once signed by all parties, Saal & Associates will ensure they do all things necessary that settlement will occur on the settlement date in the Contract.

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